FIX: Ekiga Video Codec

In recent days, some of our readers have come across an ekiga video codec error message. This problem occurs for several reasons. We will review them below.

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    Which Programs Don’t Work With Ekiga?

    Ekiga is not compatible with Skype or MSN and will never be compatible for direct phone calls as long as their protocols remain private. We do not use closed protocols for communication and we believe that this is ideal. Google Talk recently announced a “SIP support plan”…


    Ekiga is a free IP telephony (or VoIP) and therefore video conferencing application for Linux, Unix-like (like BSD or OpenSolaris) and Windows-like operating systems. . You can record audio, video and make PC to PC calls, maybe even PC to phone. SMS style can be supported.

    codec video ekiga Updated updated. We are currently working on Kamailio (recently renamed toSIP router due to the merger between Kamailio and the old SIP Express router)and one asterisk.4. Among other things, it allows you to run an echo test with old WEB interface has been replaced with a more intuitive one.Yannick Defice. Appearance as well as feel now looks like you can seeBrother’s website also want to thank Jan Shamper for helping me stayBe would say that you can enjoy the benefits of the new infrastructure daily by subscribing to a Mass Popularity account.

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    Ekiga is integrated with a number of different technology packages and protocols such as LDAP directories, which automate registration and browsing, and Novell Evolution support to exchange contacts between the software and Zeroconf (Apple Bonjour) support. Automatically detects devices such as USB sound cards, ALSA Legacy OSS cameras, Video4linux and FireWire.

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    수정: Ekiga 비디오 코덱
    FIX: Ekiga Clipcodec
    CORRECCIÓN: Códec De Video Ekiga
    ИСПРАВЛЕНИЕ: видеокодек Ekiga
    FIXA: Ekiga Videocodec
    CORREÇÃO: Codec Visual Ekiga
    FIX: Ekiga-Videopräsentationscodec
    RÉSOLUTION : Codec De Clip Ekiga
    POPRAWKA: Kodek Wideo Ekiga
    FIX: Codec Clip Ekiga