SOLVED: Suggestions To Fix The Problem With Finding The Motherboard Model In Windows 8.

Recently, some of our users reported that they found out how to find out the motherboard model in Windows 8.

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    Check Motherboard Product Or Service Using CMD

    The first way to find out what motherboard you have is through the command line. Command Prompt (CMD) can be a native application of this Windows and gives the user the ability to perform operations on commands. You can enter some commands in this way to check the motherboard model of the connected laptop or desktop computer. Here are the written steps.

    #1 Check Your Motherboard Model Number Using CMD In Windows

    Are you running Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or possibly Windows 10 This includes a hint when you are in a hurry or just want to quickly get information about your motherboards such as motherboard name, motherboard model number, slot locations, etc. >

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    Open Your Computer And Check Your Motherboard

    Another Formula You Can Use To Quickly Check Which Motherboard You Suggest Open For Your Mobile Computing Device And Find The Manufacturer And Model Number Of That Model On The Motherboard Itself. .

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    Why?Do I Want To Do This?

    Knowing your motherboard’s model number is useful when you’re planning to update someone’s drivers, buy new hardware (for example, you need the right one or upgrade memory for arcade machines), or just test all the features of your card. in case you plan to upgrade your entire system.

    how to find motherboard model in windows 8

    Find The Command For A Reliable Motherboard Model Using The Command Prompt (CMD) In Windows

    Surprisingly, you don’t need a better third-party tool for this method. This method uses the CMD prompt (a command built into all versions of Windows. We will use the latest Windows Instrumentation Command Prompt (WMIC) to find the motherboard serial number.

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