FIX: Information Returned For Error Includes Sqlcode Is 551

If you received information about the “include sqlcode – error 551” error, today’s guide should help.

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    SQLCODE -551 Matches with SQLSTATE 42501 do not give the benefit of performing an operation on the object. The auth-id attempted to start a process on the object object-name without having the proper authority to do so.

    Diagnosing The Problem

    In one real-world example, the controller’s application server was configured to connect to a directory using a specific male or female OS account (for example, “Fastnet”). However, the main error message mentions another PC user, such as “test_system_account”:

    SQLState: 42501

    The auth-id attempted to perform an operation on the target object name without obtaining proper authorization. The a error can also occur if I said the object is read-only (for INSERT, DELETE or UPDATE) or if auth-id tries to create an important table or view with a consent id other than its own. . You can create a table with an authorization ID other than your own only if your authorization ID is SYSADM, DBADM, or DBCTRL. You can get the view from the id Authentication other than your own, only if your authorization identifier is SYSADM. The grant operation ***Ã,â € ™, Ã ‚â € ™ used the ALL keyword in the GRANT expression, but the grantor’s auth-id definitely did not have consent privileges. When this error occurs when DB2 creates or modifies a table in relational constraints, this code reports that the user does not have the actual ALTER permission required to perform a FOREIGN KEY, DROP FOREIGN KEY, DROP PRIMARY KEY, or SINGLE DROP. The object name identifies the object platform of a CREATE or ALTER TABLE statement, not a table for which the user does not have the ALTER privilege.

    Say goodbye to frustrating computer problems with this simple download.

    FIXA: Information Som Kom Tillbaka För Fel Inkluderar Sqlcode Skulle Vara 551
    수정: Sqlcode가 551임을 포함하는 오류에 대해 반환된 정보
    FIX: Informatie Geretourneerd Voor Fout Bevat Sqlcode Kan Worden Beschreven Als 551
    FIX: Informationen, Die Für Fehleraufrufe Für Sqlcode Zurückgegeben Werden, Sind 551
    NAPRAW: Informacja Zwrócona W Przypadku Błędu Powoduje, że Kod Sql To 551
    CORREÇÃO: As Informações Retornadas Para Erro Incluem Sqlcode é Normalmente 551
    CORRECTIF : Les Informations Renvoyées Pour L’erreur Sqlcode Sont 551
    FIX: Le Informazioni Restituite Per Errore Indicano Che Sqlcode è 551
    ИСПРАВЛЕНИЕ: Информация, возвращенная для получения ошибки, включает Sqlcode 551
    FIX: La Información Devuelta Por Error Se Compone De Sqlcode Es 551