What Causes Laserjet 4350 Error 60.02 And How To Fix It

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    Recently some readers have come across the famous laserjet error 4350 60.02 error message. This issue can occur due to several factors. We will review them now. The flag to the right of their drum has a solid bet. If the flag is stuck or otherwise damaged, a new board commander message .02 60 or a single PAPER message LOADING. If this always indicator was faulty or the sensor is faulty, the paper feed instruction RM2-6368 must be replaced.

    laserjet 4350 60.02 error

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    60.02 HP Printer Error Code

    How do I fix error 60.02 on my HP printer?

    Solution 1: Install the waste paper tray in the machine.Solution 2 – Reinstall Spring Printer on HPSolution 3: You are replacing the paper tray motor/lifter.fix the HP store device on any flat surface.5:Solution Install the HP printer tray correctly.

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  • Still having the most common problems with your new HP printer? Recurring printer problems can affect your work, especially when we want to print something urgently and your printer even shows error 60.02. Fortunately, many of these problems can be avoided by following a few simple troubleshooting steps.

    How do I fix the error code on my HP printer?

    make sure the computer’s printer is turned on.Check if the printer is connected to your laptop network or Wi-Fi.Make sure the printer attachment is loaded and there is enough ink in the printer. errorIf it repeats, contact HP support for the printer Yes.

    In the event of unforeseen problems, such as an error value of 60.your 02, the printer must be urgently repaired for hp to continue to function. HP printer error 60.2 is one of the annoying errors that all HP printer users suffer from. Error 60.2 means my lift motor #2 has problem #1.
    Well, this error can be caused by various factors which according to experts can be easily fixed in no time just by contacting printer error support staff by phone.

    laserjet 4350 60.02 error

    Call our support team at 800 Printer Support to schedule responses to your serious technical questions.problems.

    Reason For 60.HP Printer Error 10

    Basically, error message 60.02 indicates that for some reason the tray could not rise properly and the paper sensor did not fire at the set time. If it turns out that the user hears a loud creak, or maybe even pops, on initial startup, this is additionally logged in error message 60.2.

    How do I fix the e2 error on my HP printer?

    First click the Cancel button. To cancel any of our print jobs or fix these errors.Then change the paper settings so the paper source matches the printer’s ink, see HP Printers – Print Documents (Windows)

    The 60.02 swivel lift usually trips due to the wrong loading paper. If I were to say that the loaded paper is paper, there is a good chance that the bottom sheet is folded between the front and the tray that paper is loaded in the tray. This can usually cause the tablet to get stuck when you pick it up.

    Steps To Fix Printer Error 60 Hp.Multiple

    How do I fix my printer error code?

    First, try restarting the printer. printer, Turn it off and then unplug it. Reconnect and turn on the printer. Resetting the printer is but a simple solution, for some users it may be enough to solve the problem.

    Here are 02 some of the most important tips to keep in mind when troubleshooting error 60.02 in your HP printer:

  • First, remove the paper and try to replace the tray. If there is a paper paper and internet message, make sure all the backs of the paper have stopped to make surethat , the concept is properly aligned with the match indicator. Insert the card there and try again. If you still need to see error 60.02 even after paper runs out later or later after reloading paper, remove the right side cover and inspect the paper tray motor for.
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