Best Way To Fix Ora-13236 Internal Error While Processing R-tree

If you are experiencing the ora-13236 internal error while processing R-Tree on your PC, I hope this guide will help you.

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    Possible loading of data tables on spatial indexes fails with error
    ORA-12012: auto-execution error company “EDD_DM_ADMIN”..”EDD_DM_ADMIN_043256_2″
    ORA-13236: internal R-Tree processing error : [MDRCNCCMTXNg]
    ORA-13249: mdrcncupdidx: 3
    ORA-06512: in “EDD_DM_ADMIN.etl_util line”, 1293
    ORA-06512: 1
    Wednesday, on line 20.Nov:47 07:21 AM 2013
    Error in file /n01/oraadmin1/diag/rdbms/rfp04a/rfp04a1/trace/rfp04a1_j000_35900.trc:
    ORA-12012: Error when throwing an execution exception on job “EDD_DM_ADMIN”.>ORA-20000 : apply_apply_dimnsions_10341304″
    Exception while executing job_3DM_ADMIN: EDD_046_25> internal processing error: 6_36 edd_dm_admin1 internal error: 6_36 edd_04. tree: g
    ORA-13249: mdrcncupdidx: 3.< br>ORA-06512: on “EDD_DM_ADMIN.APPLY”, 513
    ORA-06512, st roca: at 2
    ORA-06512: around group “EDD_DM_ADMIN.Line etl_util”, via 581
    ora-06512: M_ADMIN “edd_d.ETL_UTIL”, line 1254
    ORA-06512: at “EDD_DM_ADMIN.APPLY” “, 371
    ORA-20000: sentence on error etl_util.execute_parallel batch: while checking task name EDD_DM_ADMIN_043256_2
    Exception edd_dm_admin_043256: task executing: EDD_DM_ADMIN_043256_2.Error
    error: ora-13236: internal dealer in R-Tree : [MDRCNCCMTXNg]
    ORA-13249: mdrcncupdid: 3.
    ORA-06512: in “EDD_DM_ADMIN.APPLY”, At 513
    ora-06512: stringconnections 2
    ORA-06512: in “EDD_DM_ADMIN.ETL_UTIL”, product line Br>ORA-06512: 581< "EDD_DM_ADMIN to.ETL_UTIL", line 1254
    ORA- here 06512: “EDD_DM_ADMIN.Nov apply”< br>Wed 20, 07:26:2013
    Unable to reassign thread 55 to a specific assortment, 21939
    Private wire flushing incomplete

    ora-13236 internal error in r-tree processing

    When you travel and upgrade an Oracle database with a space component, you may get ORA-29903-ORA-13236-ORA-13234-ORA-29400-ORA-00942 errors.

    Oracle Spatial is used primarily in the mathematics of maps and objects. If you’ve used feature and object geometry maps in your application, you should probably use Spatial Oracle.

    select * from where Scale = AndSDO_CONTAINS(geoloc, 1000 SDO_GEOMETRY('POINT(420810.999158298 4450531.56836373)',2320)) = 'TRUE';

    If you are migrating from an Oracle 11g to 12c database during the upgrade, you may encounter an error while executing the query.

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  • select Obtained * from msdeveci.with map =scale 1000 at the topSDO_CONTAINS(geoloc, SDO_GEOMETRY('POINT(420810.999158298 4450531.56836373)',2320)) = 'TRUE';ORA-29903 failed to execute procedure ODCIIndexFetch().ORA-13236: Internal error handling: Internal r-tree[]ORA-13236: processing error: r-tree [snapshot too old or recursive fetch error]ORA-13234: H   the R-tree index table [table MDRT] could be accessedORA-29400: identity cartridge errorORA-00942: table or view may not exist

    To solve this problem, you need to check the Oracle spatial parameter in the following article whether it is valid or not.Oracle

    If the Spatial is faulty, check it with the DBCA tool. Launch DBCA, and select configure database, then select the oracle Oracle Spatial Text option.

    If you want to learn more about Oracle database for beginners, read the following articles.

    Message: ORA-00604: Recursive SQL level 1 error
    ORA-13236: R-tree parsing internal error: [insert at root time (mdrbin_mem_ins_rt)]
    ORA-13236: R-tree parsing internal error : [ partition and paired segments (mdrbin_optmz_mem_ins_node)]
    ORA-13236: Internal error in R-tree when using: [paired segments (mdrbin_partition_pair_bckts)]
    ORA-13236: R-tree processing internal error detected: [mdrugnd – a manufacturing node (mdrbin_pair_bckts)]
    ORA-13234: Error accessing index R-Tree table [MDRT table]
    ORA-29400: Data toner cartridge error
    Error – OCI_NODATA< br>ORA- 06512: at ” MDSYS.Line sdo_idx”, helloCase 149
    ora-06512: line 1 only

    StackTrace: at Oracle address.DataAccess.Client.OracleException. HandleErrorHelper(Int32 errCode, OracleConnection IntPtr conn, OpoSqlValCtx* object opsErrCtx, pOpoSqlValCtx, src, string procedure) poposq oposqlvalctx* src)
    in Oracle.DataAccess.Client.OracleCommand.ExecuteNonQuery()
    in X.SasquatchEngine.ProcessingUtilities.DataLayerRetrieval.RetrieveTaskData(Int32 orderTaskID, Int32 Ora-13236 index vertexgroupid)

    According to Oracle Support: Internal R tree processing error during heavy DML 443422 [id.Is 1]. This is a bug due to a single (4570769) bug. The random resolution procedure is described in the handbook. This bug first appeared in Oracle 10g and hasn’t been fixed yet.

    ora-13236 internal error in r-tree processing

    The impact of the bug was the inability to insert an array created from a geometry element. Some geometries could be requested, other locations in a very specific region were not requested, so it was practically an indication that a particular geographic ridge within the R-index had been violated.

    In fact, our group has identified a workaround not only in M.O.S. Notice that we changed the index to R instead.

    10 y, version 1

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    Meilleur Moyen De Vraiment Démarrer L’erreur Interne Ora-13236 Lors Du Traitement De R-tree
    R-tree를 처리하는 동안 Ora-13236 냉장고 및 냉동고 오류를 수정하기 위한 최선의 선택
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    Najlepszy Sposób Na Przywrócenie Wewnętrznego Błędu Ora-13236 Podczas Przetwarzania R-drzewa
    Il Modo Migliore Per Risolvere L’errore Interno Di Ora-13236 Durante L’elaborazione Di R-tree
    Bästa Idén Att åtgärda Ora-13236-apparatfel Under Bearbetning Av R-träd
    Melhor Maneira De Corrigir O Erro De Medição Ora-13236 Ao Processar R-tree
    Der Beste Weg, Um Es Zu Bemerken. Ora-13236 Interner Fehler Beim Verarbeiten Des R-Baums