How To Fix Security Settings In Windows 8?

You may have come across an error message showing security settings in Windows 8. There are several steps you can take to fix this problem and we will do it right now.

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    User Account Control. UAC notifies you when a program is using or trying to change settings on your computer.Windows Defender. Windows Defender protects your computer from viruses, programs, and spyware.Smart Windows screen.Firewall window.

    What are the security options in Windows 10?

    The security settings contain the following groups of policy buildings that security can use to customize the behavior of their local computer. Some of these policies may be associated with a GPO distributed by your organization. Clients when modifying policy settings locally on a trusted VAC device

    To set the recommended security for CTI Navigator on Windows,First, open Control Panel Windows (to open Control Panel in Windows8 Href=”#Windows%208%20Control%20Panel%20Note”>Windows8 see below).

    1. Select Internet Options.