Solutions For Sony Vaio Bios Update Battery

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    Recently, some of our users encountered an error message with the sony Vaio BIOS update battery. This issue occurs due to several factors. We will review them below.

    Some models of Sony laptops come pre-installed with utilitiesthat ISB, Sony which does not allow the laptop to use a third-party battery. To uninstall Sony ISB Utility, first follow the instructions below:

  • Remove the battery from the laptop and power on each system with one button press A. Adapters C.
  • Run MSCONFIG.exe from the start menu or window from a purchase
  • On Vista machines, Windows will also prompt you to continue with the agreement.
  • In the System Configuration window, go to the Startup tab and find the entry containing “ISBMgr.exe”.
  • Disable the ISBMgr.exe section
  • Click “OK” to save the changes, accept the changes and restart the laptop.
  • You may be prompted to do this if you are restarting Windows in discovery mode. Just turn off the notification set in the right bottom corner.
  • This will remove my software check that Sony required for laptops to prevent third party laptop batteries from being used, allowing you to use any type of laptop battery other than Sony. If you have a batteryFor Sony laptop, please suggest to update the software, you may have to repeat this process.

    Some Sony laptops have a PC battery lock that prevents third parties from using the laptop. Do we have seats below for specific models? If your family model is not on the “fix” list, a hardware lock is not possible and you will need to purchase a specific genuine Sony laptop battery.

    NOTE. The bios update should be performed with a warning to the user. To avoid the possibility of other programs interfering with the update, close all other software applications by running the BIOS Manager before updating. The update program, which will also restart by itself. Do not, under any circumstances, turn on the laptop incorrectly or remove the AC adapter update during installation. This may damage the Oder laptop and require repair.

    Sony Universal Battery Driver – Drivers Download. Download handinstallation guidance. updated 02/11/2010.
    Fixed issue with fast blinking charging LED indicator. Compatible with Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista/7. Single use for with models L8T SY05, SY11, SY12, SY13, SY16, SY17, SY18, SY19, SY20, SY21, SY22, SY24 sy23. Sony part numbers: VGP-BPS8, VGP-BPL8, VGP-BPS9, VGP-BPL9, VGP-BPS10, VGP-BPL10, VGP-BPS11, VGP-BPL11, VGP-BLP12, vgp-bps12, VGP-BPS13, VGP- BPL13

    Old Versions: Refers to batteries with serial numbers (not article numbers) beginning with 12 or 20.

    Sony VGP-BPS8 Update VGP-BPL8 Model L8T SY11, SY16, SY17 BIOS Update Download Installation Guide

    Sony VGP-BPS9 Update VGP-BPL9 Model L8T SY05, SY12 – Download BIOS Update Installation Guides Download

    Sony VGP-BPL11 Update VGP-BPS11 Model L8T SY18 – Download BIOS Update Installation Guides Download

    Sony VGP-BPS12 Update Model L8T SY21 – Download BIOS Update, Download Installation Guide

    Does updating BIOS fix battery?

    Although this will not solve the battery problem, you still need to update your bios as recommended.

    Sony VGP-BPS13 Model L8T SY19 Update SY20 – Download BIOS Update Installation Guides Download

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