How About Troubleshooting Quotas

You may find an error code indicating a quota error. Coincidentally, there are a number of steps you can take to fix this issue, and we’ll get to those shortly.

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    When a mail server sends a specific quota warning, it indicates that your mailbox has exceeded or is about to exceed the default file storage limit for mail accounts. The first notification is sent when the account reaches 90% and allocates space to point ours to the mailbox.

    what is over quota error

    IMAP And Other, Mostly Quotas

    The IMAP definition leaves all text messages that you don’t delete on your email provider’s servers and copies them to your email client. In this case, checking the case and viewing your email is unlikely to free up space for your final quota – just delete the actual voicemails.

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    How do I fix my mailbox quota exceeded?

    You have exceeded the mail tn quota for your account. There have always been a few steps you can take to reduce the size of your emails to improve productivity:

    Receive An Email Alert If This Exchange Account Is Approaching Its Own Own Quota :

    You will receive this warning to the correct email address when the account is close to the lower limit of the quota, the send descriptor. The screenshot shows an account using a defined 2000 MB quota out of 2048 MB.

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